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geographic +‎ -al


geographical (comparative more geographical, superlative most geographical)

  1. Of or relating to geography; geographic.
    • 1851, Herbert Spencer, “The Regulation of Commerce”, in Social Statics, London: Williams and Norgate, published 1868, section 1, page 326:
      Morality knows nothing of geographical boundaries, or distinctions of race.
    • 1952, Bernard DeVoto, “Preface”, in The Course of Empire, Boston: Mariner Books, published 1998, page xxxi:
      ONE OF the facts which define the United States is that its national and its imperial boundaries are the same. Another is that it is a political unit which occupies a remarkably compact geographical unit of continental extent.
    • 1977, James Monaco, “The Language of Film: Signs and Syntax”, in How to Read a Film, page 155:
      Clearly, the plane of the frame must be dominant, since that is the only plane that actually exists on the screen. Composition for this plane, however, is often influenced by factors in the geographical plane since, unless we are dealing with animation, a photographer or cinematographer must compose for the frame plane in the geographical plane.

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