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Alternative formsEdit


The much-used phrase go hard as a motherfucker.



go ham (third-person singular simple present goes ham, present participle going ham, simple past went ham, past participle gone ham)

  1. (African American Vernacular, MLE) To become very angry; to go off on someone, to rage.
    • 2011 August, Jay-Z and Kanye West, “H•A•M”, Watch the Throne, deluxe edition, Roc-A-Fella Records:
      I'm about to go HAM / Hard As a Muthafucker / Let these niggas know who I am
    • 2014, Makala Thomas, Count Angelo, page 157:
      “Clover went in. And she's so calm and gentle normally! I didn't expect her to go ham like that. Will Patricia's arm mend?”
      “Not for a while.”
      “Serves her right. She went ham on me for no reason.”
      Angelo shrugged a shoulder. “She blames you for Marissa's state.”
    • 2014, Ms. Michel Moore, Coldhearted & Crazy: Say U Promise I:
      In between the guys in the crowd having to be told what was really good and now Ty acting like he owned her and her hustle, she went ham. “Main girl?” Kenya finally had enough of his ass. “Nigga, what? Please don't coach mines. You got me all fucked up in the game. Fall back and don't play yourself!”
    • 2016 September 14, MizorMac (lyrics), “Splash & Cash”, performed by 67(R6 x ST) & Harlem (Bis x MizzorMac):
      My flats called Harlem darling
      Coz the place full of cats
      Feds go ham