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go to great lengths



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go to great lengths

  1. (idiomatic) To make a major effort; to be very careful when doing something, especially to an extreme or excessive degree.
    • 2008, José Rodrigues does Santos, Codex 632: The Secret Identity of Christopher Columbus (trans. from the Portuguese by Alison Entrekin), William Morrow (2008), →ISBN, page 262:
      [] They said good-bye on the eleventh, and the Portuguese noblemen saw him off, going to great lengths to show him respect."
    • 2009, Diego Gambetta, Codes of the Underworld: How Criminals Communicate, Princeton University Press (2009), →ISBN, page 272:
      Most scholars writing on the mafia were going to great lengths to demonstrate that it did not exist—and the mobsters wanted to keep their brotherhood secret.
    • 2013, Chad R. Torgerson, Waking Up Catholic: A Guide to Catholic Beliefs for Converts, Reverts, and Anyone Becoming Catholic, Assisi Media (2013), →ISBN, page 62:
      As a father, I would go to great lengths to protect my children.



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