Aromanian edit

Adjective edit


  1. Alternative form of nãu

Galician edit

Adverb edit


  1. reintegrationist spelling of non

Noun edit

não m (plural nãos, reintegrationist norm)

  1. reintegrationist spelling of non (no)

Further reading edit

  • não” in Dicionário Estraviz de galego (2014).

Portuguese edit

Alternative forms edit

  • naõ (obsolete)
  • nam (obsolete)
  • nom (nonstandard or eye dialect)
  • num (nonstandard or eye dialect)
  • n, ñ (abbreviations)

Etymology edit

From Old Galician-Portuguese non, from Latin nōn (no), from Old Latin noenum, from Proto-Indo-European *ne (not) + *óynos (one).

Pronunciation edit

  • (colloquial, only for the adverb when unstressed) IPA(key): /nũ/
  • Rhymes: -ɐ̃w̃
  • Hyphenation: não
  • (file)

Adverb edit

não (not comparable)

  1. (preceding verbs or adverbs) not; do not; have not (negates the meaning of the verb or adverb)
    Eu não li esse livro.I haven’t read that book.
    Por favor, não faça isso.Please, don’t do that.
    1. (preceding verbs) used in sentences containing a negative pronoun as the object; see double negative
      Eu não fiz nada.I didn’t do anything. (literally, “I didn’t do nothing.”)
    2. (Brazil, colloquial, following verb phrases) used to emphasise or reinforce (in the case that there is a previous unstressed adverb não, see above) sentences containing a negative pronoun as the subject or already containing não
      Ninguém vai ser preso não.Nobody is really going to be arrested.
      Não vi o João não.I haven’t seen John, no.
    3. (beginning questions) isn't (used to ask whether a person agrees with the proposition, rather than to ask for an unknown fact)
      Não está mau o chá?Isn’t the tea bad?
  2. (preceding adjectives, usually hyphenated) non- (forms antonyms of adjectives)
    O sistema é não-escalável.The system is non-scalable.
  3. (as a sentence-final parenthesis) isn't it? right? (tag question)
    Ela está aqui, não?She is here, right?

Quotations edit

For quotations using this term, see Citations:não.

Derived terms edit

Descendants edit

  • Macanese: nâm

Interjection edit


  1. no (used to show disagreement or negation)
    Synonym: negativo
    Antonyms: positivo, sim
  2. no (used to show agreement with a negative question)
    Synonym: positivo
    Antonym: negativo

Noun edit

não m (plural nãos)

  1. no (a negative answer)
    Synonym: negativo
    Antonyms: positivo, sim
    Hoje recebi duas respostas: um sim e um não.Today I received two answers: one yes and one no.

Vietnamese edit

Pronunciation edit

Etymology 1 edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from (brain).

Noun edit

(classifier bộ) não

  1. brain, cerebrum
    Synonym: óc
    Bộ não người có nhiều điều chưa lí giải được.
    There are still many unexplained things about the human brain.
Derived terms edit
Derived terms

Etymology 2 edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from (unhappy).

Adjective edit


  1. (chiefly in set phrases) sad, grieved
Derived terms edit
Derived terms