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  1. plural of gun

Noun edit

guns pl (plural only)

  1. (bodybuilding, slang) Well-developed muscles of the upper arm, especially the biceps and triceps.
    • 2005, Joe Kita, editor, Men's Health Best: Arms, page 6:
      And there's still no better way to throw down the fitness gauntlet than to roll up your sleeves and unveil some powerful guns.
    • 2010, Mark Alvisi (quote from a reader), "Mark of a Champion", Muscular Development 47(1): 350
      I read in another magazine about a workout that can put a whole inch on your arms in just one day! Obviously that sounds awesome, because my guns are only 15 inches.

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  1. third-person singular simple present indicative of gun

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guns f (6th declension)

  1. (poetic) flame
  2. (poetic) fire

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