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From Middle English hatesum, hatsum, equivalent to hate +‎ -some.


hatesome (comparative more hatesome, superlative most hatesome)

  1. Marked by hate; displaying or expressing hatred; hateful
    • 2000, Tom Holland, Deliver Us from Evil:
      The floods are drained away, and there is nothing left to me but a parched dullness, more hatesome than ever for my dread of it is eternal.
    • 2009, Liz Curtis Higgs, Grace in Thine Eyes:
      Davina did a hatesome thing: She turned and flung her braid over her shoulder, swatting Nan Shaw in the face.
    • 2014, Tyffani Clark Kemp, Hunted:
      "Yeah, Mama. It's me. It's Leaky." One of the orderlies snickered and I shrugged with a wry smile. Another hatesome nickname I'd never get away from.