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  • IPA(key): /ˈhævɪŋ/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: hav‧ing



  1. present participle of have


having (plural havings)

  1. The act of possessing; ownership.
    • 2002, Ronald Jager, The Development of Bertrand Russell's Philosophy
      He thus came to think of perceiving as a complex of 'havings,' not a complex of 'havings' and 'doings.'
  2. Something owned; possession; goods; estate.
    • c. 1599, William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, Act III, Scene 4,[1]
      Out of my lean and low ability
      I’ll lend you something: my having is not much;
      I’ll make division of my present with you:
      Hold, there’s half my coffer.
    • 1875, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Queen Mary, London: Henry S. King, Act II, Scene 2, p. 80,[2]
      Your havings wasted by the scythe and spade—
      Your rights and charters hobnail’d into slush—