help vampire



From help +‎ vampire (person who drains one’s energy, money, time, etc.).



help vampire (plural help vampires)

  1. (chiefly computing, derogatory, informal) A person who requests answers and solutions from a community while giving nothing in return.
    • 2009 May 21, Matías Flores, “Rails Mentors”, in Bridgefoundry Google Group[1]:
      Personally, I see this ratings/feedback thing only useful for mentors to know if a student is abusive and/or a help vampire, if he is willing to learn and put some effort on the process or not, etc, to be able to dedicate mentoring time to someone who will really appreciate it and will benefit from this.
    • 2013 November 29, rusto…, “Managing Google Groups Headaches”, in comp.lang.python, Usenet[2]:
      All kinds of people hop onto the list. In addition to genuine ones there are spammers, trolls, dicks, nuts, philosophers, help-vampires etc etc.
    • 2013 December 3, Ethan Furman, “Python Unicode Handling Wins Again – Mostly”, in comp.lang.python, Usenet[3]:
      Mark, I sympathize with your feelings. jmf is certainly a troll, and it doesn't feel like anything has been, or is being, done about that situation (or for that matter, the help vampire situation … although I haven't seen any threads from that one lately – did he give up, or has he been moderated away?). [] And, to be clear, the coddling of trolls and help-vampires also makes the list an unfriendly place to be. Terry, would it be appropriate to share some of what the moderators do do for us on this list and the others? And what does the Code of Conduct have to say about trolls and help-vampires?