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hot saw (plural hot saws)

  1. A saw with a continuously rotating circular blade; used for cutting trees.
    • 2002, Logging & Sawmilling Journal, volume 33:
      The 445-E is matched with a Quadco 22-inch hot saw and works a roadside logging system.
    • 2006, Christ Ballard, The Butterfly Hunter: Adventures of People who Found Their True Calling Way Off the Beaten Path, page 84:
      Finally, she showed me the "hot saw." These are not machines so much as bulky beasts of destruction: souped-up chainsaws with snowmobile or motorcycle engines, some of which run on airplane fuel, that weigh forty to sixty pounds and kick like a rifle when started.
    • 2007, Agricultural Impact Statement, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation, page 4:
      Specialized equipment such as blade mowers and hot saws will be used.
  2. A saw used for cutting hot metal.
    • 1882, Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies[1], volume 1:
      When double length rails are rolled, the piece is divided in the middle by the hot saw only, and the two fag ends are made the exact length by the cold saw.
    • 1888, Park Benjamin, Appletons' Cyclopædia of Applied Mechanics[2]:
      The ordinary hot saw, for sawing iron at a blight red heat, differs but little from a common circular wood-saw.
    • 2009, Vukota Boljanovic, Metal Shaping Processes[3], page 145:
      After the mandrel bar extractor pulls out the mandrel, a hot saw cuts off the closed bottom and also the open end of the tube.