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    Cardinal: hundred
    Ordinal: hundredth
    Multiplier: hundredfold
    Latinate multiplier: centuple
    Group collective: hundred
    Multipart collective: centuplet
    Metric collective prefix: hecto-
    Metric fractional prefix: centi-
    Elemental: centuplet
    Number of years: century, centennium

Etymology edit

From Middle English hundred (hundredth); equivalent to and remodelled after hundred +‎ -th. The Old English term was hundtēontigoþa.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ˈhʌndɹədθ/
  • enPR: hŭn′drədth
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ʌndɹədθ
  • Hyphenation: hun‧dredth

Adjective edit

hundredth (not comparable)

  1. The ordinal form of the number one hundred.
    • 2012 March 15, Bruce Springsteen, keynote speech, South by Southwest Music Conference:
      This being Woodie Guthrie’s a hundredth birthday, in the centerpiece of this year’s South by Southwest Conference, I’m also gonna talk a little bit about my musical development and where it intersected with Woodie’s and why.

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Noun edit

hundredth (plural hundredths)

  1. The person or thing in the hundredth position.
  2. One of a hundred equal parts of a whole.

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