From centuple +‎ -et, q.v.


centuplet (plural centuplets)

  1. Synonym of hundred: A group of 100.
    Coordinate terms: singlet, couplet, triplet, quadruplet, tetraplet, pentuplet, sextuplet, septuplet, octuplet, nonuplet, decuplet, multiplet
  2. One of a group of 100, particularly one of 100 babies born at the same time, from the same egg, or from the same DNA.
    • 1969, Albert Rosenfeld, The second genesis: the coming control of life, USA: Vintage Books:
      The egg of a chalcid wasp can perform even more impressively; it can keep splitting until it gives birth to centuplets — but not like the artificially induced bovine centuplets of Dr. Hafez. His are all separate individuals, ...
    • 1972, Robert T. Francoeur, Eve's New Rib: Twenty Faces of Sex, Marriage and Family:
      The tadpoles thus produced are then identical twins, octuplets, or centuplets of the original donor of the transplanted nuclei.
    • 2014, Robert Silverberg, Thorns, Open Road Media, →ISBN:
      Centuplets. A hundred siblings sharing the same group of codons. What would they be like? How would they grow? Could a man live in a world shared by fifty brothers and fifty sisters? That was part of the experiment.