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From Old Portuguese ymagen, omagen, omage, from Latin imāgō, imāginem (a copy, likeness, image), from *im-, also the root of imitor (to copy, imitate).



imagem f (plural imagens)

  1. image; picture; figure (optical representation of an object)
    • 1902, Fernando Pessoa, Quando ela passa:
      Quando eu me sento à janela / P'los vidros qu'a neve embaça / Vejo a doce imagem d'ela / Quando passa… passa… passa…
      When I sit at the window / I see through the panes clouded by snow / The sweet image of her / When (she) passes… passes… passes…
  2. image (mental representation of something seen or imagined)
  3. image (outward appearance)
  4. image; face (characteristics that are first perceived by others)
  5. (computing) image (file containing all data of a storage medium)
  6. (religion) icon (small object of religious devotion)
  7. (geometrical optics) image (a group of emitted, reflected or refracted rays of light)
  8. (mathematics) image (values mapped to by a function)


For quotations of use of this term, see Citations:imagem.


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