in a word


Prepositional phraseEdit

in a word

  1. (abbreviative action or effect): In summarization: briefly, concisely, summarily, in short; to sum up
    In order to deliver the news of Greek victory to Athens, Pheidippides covered the distance there from the plain of Marathon as quickly as his two legs could carry him, and did so without making any stops; in a word, he ran the entire distance.
    Man, I got here by putting one foot in front of the other; in a word, I walked.
  2. (cumulative action or effect): In summation: all in all, altogether, in total, overall, to sum up
    He was suspicious, standoffish, taciturn; in a word, hostile.
    Susan soon discovered her blind date to be mean, vulgar, obstreperous, presuming, and insulting; in a word, a cad.