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  • (UK): IPA(key): /ɪn.səʊˈfɑːɹəz/
  • (US): enPR: ĭn-sō-färʹəz, IPA(key): /ɪn.soʊˈfɑɹəz/, /ɪn.soʊˈfɑɹæz/
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insofar as

  1. to the extent that
    • 1922 (June 7), G.S., "Can a Living Wage Be Paid?", Correspondence, The New Republic 31 (no. 392): 50
      Insofar as it expresses an expansion in physical plant, it ought to make possible the production of more goods.
    • 1982, David R. Blumenthal, Understanding Jewish Mysticism, volume II, page 195:
      Hasidism, insofar as it was new—and not all of Hasidism was "new" in this sense—rejected the older hierarchies of celestial palaces, of Intelligences, of hypostases, of sefirot.
    • 1996, “National Science Education Standards”, in U.S, National Research Council, page 133:
      Insofar as possible, the current edition of a publication is annotated in part 3.
    She helped us insofar as she was able.
    She cites other scholars' work only insofar as it supports her own theories.

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