Etymology 1Edit

From the verb to find below (see Etymology 2). Similar to Breton kaout from kavout.


kavos (irregular)

  1. to have


Indicative Subjunctive Imperative
Present Imperfect Preterite Conditional Future Present-
1s y'm beus y'm bo y'm beu y'm bedha y'm bydh y'm bo y'm be -
2s y'th eus y'th o y' feu y' fedha y' fydh y' fo y' fe -
3s (m) y'n jeves y'n jevo y'n jeva y'n jevedha y'n jevydh y'n jeffo y'n jeffa -
3s (f) y's teves, y's jeves y's tevo, y's jevo y's teva, y's jeva y's tevedha, y's jevedha y's tevydh, y's jevydh y's teffo, y's jeffo y's teffa, y's jeffa -
1p y'gan beus y'gan bo y'gan beu y'gan bedha y'gan bydh y'gan bo y'gan be -
2p y'gas beus y'gas bo y'gas beu y'gas bedha y'gas bydh y'gas bo y'gas be -
3p y's teves y's tevo y's teva y's tevedha y's tevydh y's teffo y's teffa -
Present participle: ow kavos
Verbal adjective: (not used)

Etymology 2Edit

Cognate with Breton kavout and Welsh cael.


kavos (irregular)

  1. to find


Indicative Subjunctive Imperative
Pres-fut Imperfect Preterite Conditional Pres-fut Imperfect
1s kavav kaven kevis kavsen kyffiv kaffen -
2s kevydh kaves kevsys kavses kyffi kaffes kav
3s kav kava kavas kavsa kaffo kaffa kaves
1p kevyn kaven kevsyn kavsen keffyn kaffen kevyn
2p kevowgh kavewgh kevsowgh kavsewgh keffowgh kaffewgh kevowgh
3p kavons kavens kevsons kavsens kaffons kaffens kavens
0 kevir kaves kavas kavsys kyffer kaffys -
Present participle: ow kavos
Verbal adjective: kevys




kavos f

  1. genitive singular of kava
  2. nominative plural of kava
  3. vocative plural of kava