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kit out (third-person singular simple present kits out, present participle kitting out, simple past and past participle kitted out)

  1. (transitive, Britain) To provide with equipment.
    • 2017 September 19, Gwilym Mumford, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle review – spy sequel reaches new heights of skyscraping silliness”, in the Guardian[1]:
      As the soccer mom-ish leader of nefarious crime cartel the Golden Circle, Poppy rules over the entire global drug trade, which she controls from a jungle lair curiously kitted out as a kitsch 50s utopia, featuring gleaming bowling alleys, diners and nail salons, but also, somewhat confusingly, robot dogs and a captive Elton John.
  2. (transitive, Britain) To prepare a boat or vehicle for a voyage or journey.
  3. (transitive, Britain) To supply with or dress in a uniform, especially a sports kit.