See also: lay, Lay, láy, lẫy, and laþ

Vietnamese edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Vietic *leːʔ / -leːʔ (to take), from Proto-Mon-Khmer *liʔ (to take). Cognate with Muong Bi lễ, Tho [Cuối Chăm] leː⁴, U , Riang leʔ².

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Verb edit

lấy (𥙩, , 󰭼, 󲂤)

  1. to take, to seize
    lấy sách ra đọcto bring out one's book to read
  2. to receive, to obtain, to accept
    Dượng cho lì xì thì lấy đi.
    Your uncle-in-law wants to give you lucky money, you should take it.
  3. to wed, to marry (someone)
    lấy chồngto get a husband
    lấy vợto get a wife
    Tôi chưa nghĩ đến chuyện lấy vợ.
    I'm not thinking about getting married yet.
    Tổng thống duy nhất chưa bao giờ lấy vợ: James Buchanan.
    The only president who was never married: James Buchanan.
  4. to charge
  5. to pull, to withdraw
  6. to steal
  7. to adjust
  8. placed after verbs to indicate “to act by, to, or for oneself”

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