lang may yer lum reek



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lang may yer lum reek

  1. (Scotland) Used to wish someone well.
    • 1998, Alan Grant, Batman: Scottish Connection, →ISBN, page 47:
      "And as they say--lang may yer lum reek!
    • 2005, Peter Kerr, From Paella To Porridge: A Farewell to Mallorca and a Scottish Adventure, →ISBN:
      'And lang may yer lum reek on other folk's coal,' Jock reciprocated.
    • 2008, Ron and Janet Benrey, Season of Glory, →ISBN, page 155:
      “In the event I don't see you again before you leave Glory—well, you know, cheerio, cheery-bye and lang may yer lum reek!”
    • 2015, Leah Marie Brown, Finding It, →ISBN:
      "A'll see y Monday next, then," grinning hottie says, giving Angus one of those Macho Man half hugs with the bruising back slap. “Lang may yer lum reek.” Angus laughs, slaps grinning hottie on the back, and repeats the salutation. He says it so fast, though, that it almost sounds like, “Long may your bum reek.”

Usage notesEdit

This Scottish phrase, meaning, literally, long may your chimney smoke, was originally a traditional Hogmanay toast, but has passed into English usage in Scotland. It is used primarily as a toast when drinking or as a farewell.