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Blend of laundry +‎ automatic. From Laundromat, (former) trademark (1940s) of Westinghouse Electric Corporation for its washing machines, coined by Westinghouse publicist George Edward Pendray.

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  • IPA(key): /ˈlɔːndɹəʊˌmæt/, /ˈlɔːndɹəmæt/
  • (file)

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laundromat (plural laundromats)

  1. (US, Canada, Australia) A self-service laundry facility with (traditionally) coin-operated (which now may use other per-load payment methods) washing machines, dryers, and sometimes ironing or pressing machines, open to the public for washing clothing and household cloth items.
  2. A money laundering operation.
    • 2020, Birgitte Dyrekilde, Lars Abild, Man of Power:
      The Russian laundromat was soon nicknamed the Moldovan laundromat, as it centred on transactions between Russia and the small, poor country locked between Ukraine and Romania.

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  • (self-service laundry facility): laundry

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