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leg +‎ work.



legwork (usually uncountable, plural legworks)

  1. Work, especially research or preparation, that involves significant walking, travel, or similar effort.
    • 1955, "Who'll Buy My Stocks?," Time, 7 Mar.:
      In addition to spreading more information, brokers are going to have to do some leg work to get new customers.
    • 2003, Peter Spotts, "What the world has done right on SARS," Christian Science Monitor, 1 May (retrieved 5 Jan. 2009):
      The worldwide effort has already revealed several valuable lessons [including] . . . the use of old-fashioned legwork in tracking down people who may unknowingly carry a virus.
    • 2004, Jerry Acuff, The Relationship Edge in Business, page 62
      John did all the legwork. He had the invitations printed and mailed. He found speakers.
  2. Skillful or vigorous use of the legs, as in dance or sports.

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