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From Proto-Semitic *libb- (heart). Cognate with Arabic لُبّ(lubb) and Biblical Hebrew לֵב(leḇ).

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libbum m (construct state libbi, pronominal state libba, plural libbū)

  1. heart, abdomen, womb
  2. mind, thought, intention, wish, desire, preference
    𒊮𒅗 𒈪𒅎𒈠 𒆷𒀀 𒄿𒈠𒅈𒊏𒊍
    ŠA₃-ka mi-im-ma la-a i-ma-ar-ra-aṣ
    /libbaka mimma lā imarraṣ/
    Do not be angry/annoyed at all.
    (literally, “Do not at all make your heart sick”)
    𒆠𒄿 𒆷 𒊮𒁉 𒀭𒀭ki-i la lib₃-bi DINGIR.DINGIR /kī la libbi ilānī/ ― contrary to the will of the gods
  3. inside, inner part

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References edit

  • libbu”, in The Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago (CAD), Chicago: University of Chicago Oriental Institute, 1956–2011