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Prepositional phraseEdit

like a chicken with the pip

  1. (dated, idiomatic) In a weakened, confused, or sickly manner.
    • 1899, Frank Norris, Blix, ch. 4¬†:
      Then Condy promptly got the hiccoughs from drinking his tea too fast, and fretted up and down the room like a chicken with the pip.
    • 1907, "Stewart Edward White, Arizona Nights, ch. 15:
      He seemed plumb possessed of gloom, and moped around like a chicken with the pip.
    • 1914, Peter B. Kyne, The Long Chance, ch. 6:
      Then, after two prodigious parting kicks, accurately gauged and delivered, the gambler crossed over to the hotel, leaving the garrulous one to pick himself out of the dust, gasping like a chicken with the pip.

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