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liquidize +‎ -er



liquidizer (plural liquidizers)

  1. (Australia, India, Britain) A machine to chop or puree food; a blender.
    • 1976, Australian Journal of Plant Physiology, volume 3, issues 1-3, page 154:
      [] tissue was disrupted using a Moulinex liquidizer and 0-5% bovine serum albumin was added to the isolating and resuspending media.
    • 2013, Rosamunde Pilcher, Flowers In the Rain & Other Stories →ISBN:
      She bought herself a second-hand Mini and in no time at all was busy as a bee, driving herself around London with pots and pans, cooking knives and liquidizers all piled up on the back seat.
    • 2013, Leah Leneman, The Tofu Cookbook: Over 150 quick and easy recipes →ISBN
      Place a cupful of the soaked beans in a liquidizer, add a cupful of cold water and blend.

Usage notesEdit

  • In Australia and India, the term may be uncommon, technical or dated.
  • The term is found in some technical and trade publications in the US; it may be dated.


  • 2000, Eric Morris, Corregidor: The American Alamo of World War II →ISBN, page 145:
    By now Erickson, like so many of the pilots, was flying without oxygen. The liquidizers and compressor plant had been early casualties of war at Nichols Field. Instead they flew on a mixture of quinine and atropine.


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