loved one



loved one (plural loved ones)

  1. A very close friend or family member for whom a person has feelings of endearment, one of someone's close ones; sometimes: next of kin (for example on hospital admission form).
    • 1904, Jack London The Sea Wolf, ch. 30,
      I felt myself the protector of my loved one. She leaned against me.
  2. (euphemistic) A recently deceased close friend or family member.
    • 2003 March 29, Jessica Watson, "Laying to rest the days of his and hearse," Guardian (UK) (retrieved 23 June 2008):
      Whereas once the main option was a traditional black hearse service, these days a "green funeral" with a cardboard coffin is just one of the alternative ways to send off a loved one.

Usage notesEdit

  • Often used in the plural to refer to the family of a deceased person.