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From Latin lūcēre, from Proto-Italic *loukēō, from the root of lūx (light) or from Proto-Indo-European *lowk-eyo-, a verb that is derived from *lewk-.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ˈlu.t͡ʃ
  • Rhymes: -utʃere
  • Hyphenation: lù‧ce‧re

Verb edit

lùcere (first-person singular present (rare) lùco, first-person singular past historic (rare) lucéi, no past participle) (intransitive, poetic)

  1. to shine
    Synonyms: splendere, risplendere
    non è tutto oro quello che luce (proverb)all that glitters is not gold (literally, “that which shines is not all gold”)
  2. (figurative) to stand out, to be resplendent (due to fame, honor, beauty, etc.)

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  1. present active infinitive of lūceō