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Alternative formsEdit


From Yiddish מאַכער ‎(makher, one who makes) from מאַכן ‎(makhn, to make).


macher ‎(plural machers)

  1. an important person, often in the negative sense of self-important; a bigwig
    • 2005: An ordinary man doesn’t jump the Snake River Canyon / with nothing underneath his ass / but a two-wheeled, fin-stabilised X-1 Skycycle / and a seven-figure guarantee from some macher in LA. — August Kleinzahler , in 'A Valentine’s: Regarding the Impractibility of Our Love', London Review of Books, Vol. 27 No.20, 20 October 2005, page 6.
    • 2007: Finally, Mr. Wall Street macher, there's our own Abe Silverfish, a man who has editing awards from prestige film festivals in Tanganyika and Bali. — Woody Allen, in 'Calisthenics, Poison Ivy, Final Cut', Mere Anarchy


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