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manicole (plural manicoles)

  1. (Guyana) A species of palm tree, Prestoea tenuiramosa, or its wood.
    Synonym: manicole palm
    • 1883, “The Berbice and its tributaries”, in Timehri: The Journal of the Royal Agricultural and Commercial Society of British Guiana, volume 2:
      A house fifty feet by twenty, built in the usual style, wattled with manicoles, thatched with dallabana leaves, with sleeping rooms upstairs, could be built for fifty dollars, materials and labour included.
    • 1998, Tulemore Ruth van Andel, Palm Heart Harvesting in Guyana's North-west District: Exploitation and Regeneration of Euterpe Oleracea Swamps:
      No differences were observed between seedlings of the three clustered manicole varieties.
    • 2009, Jorge Trevin, Forest Law Enforcement and Governance and Forest Practices in Guyana:
      For manicole, 2.7 million pieces (palm-hearts or “stems") were produced in 2008, as well as 12,619 pieces of mangrove bark.

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