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From French manomètre, formed from Ancient Greek μανός (manós, thin, rare) + μέτρον (métron).

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manometer (plural manometers)

  1. An instrument to measure pressure in a fluid, especially a double-legged liquid column gauge used to measure the difference in the pressures of two fluids.
    Synonyms: manoscope, pressure gauge
    • 1872, The American Journal of Science:
      As soon as the manometer of the pump indicated the maximum of rarification, the apparatus was inclined []
    • 1973, Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow:
      Pökler helped in working out the Halbmodelle solution: bisecting the model lengthwise and mounting it flat-side to the wall of the test chamber, bringing the tubes through that way to all the manometers outside.

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