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From Ojibwe massasauga(great river mouth).


massasauga ‎(plural massasaugas)

  1. The rattlesnake Crotalus catenatus or Sistrurus catenatus in the family Viperidae, found in three subspecies.
    • 1887 March 1, The American Naturalist[1], volume 21, page 212:
      I hope in this paper to contribute something to the knowledge of the Prairie Rattlesnake, or Massasauga (Caudisona tergemina).
    • 1895, Leonhard Hess Stejneger, The Poisonous Snakes of North America[2], page 414:
      The Massasauga is emphatically a species of the prairies and their swamps and marshes.
    • 2010, John E. Werler, Texas Snakes: Identification, Distribution, and Natural History[3], page 407:
      According to the zoologist, the massasaugas were found abroad from mid-April to late October, chiefly during the daylight hours and for an average 197 days annually during the study period.