megyei jogú város


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megyei (county-like) +‎ jogú (of … right[s]) +‎ város (city/town)


  • IPA(key): [ ˈmɛɟɛji ˌjoɡu ˈvaːroʃ]


megyei jogú város (plural megyei jogú városok)

  1. (law) city with county rights, (approximately) city-county, urban county, statutory city, (US) independent city, (UK) unitary authority (the second-highest level of settlements in Hungary after the capital, which meet certain criteria, currently including all 23 county seats and 5 other cities that have or formerly had a population over 50,000)
    Coordinate terms: község, nagyközség, város, főváros
    Hypernym: település
  2. (law) municipality, municipiu (level of administrative subdivision in Romania)
    Synonym: municípium


  • For the noun, see város.
  • The rest of the phrase remains unchanged.

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