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Norwegian BokmålEdit


Derived from the indefinite pronoun mang en (also spelled mangen in Riksmål), a more formal and poetic way of expressing "many".



mengde m (definite singular mengden, indefinite plural mengder, definite plural mengdene)

  1. great number, lots of, numerous (this sense applies to countable nouns)
    det var en mengde med rare gjenstander i rommet = there were a great number of strange objects in the room
    hun kjøpte mengder med blomster = she bought lots of/numerous/a great number of flowers
  2. amount, quantity (this sense applies to uncountable nouns)
    han åt enorme mengder mat = he ate enormous amounts of food
    det falt snø i store mengder på julaften = a huge amount of snow fell on Christmas Eve (literally: "it fell snow in huge amounts on Christmas Eve")
  3. crowd, multitude
    han banet seg vei gjennom mengden = he made his way through the crowd
    en stor mengde møtte opp for å demonstrere mot det nye lovforslaget = a huge crowd turned up to protest the new bill (here: proposal for legislation)
    å skille seg ut fra mengden = to stand out from the crowd

Usage notesEdit

This noun is rarely, if ever, used in the definite plural (mengdene).


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