From mis- +‎ heed.


misheed (third-person singular simple present misheeds, present participle misheeding, simple past and past participle misheeded)

  1. (transitive) To heed amiss; fail to heed.
    • 1969, Onions, Oliver, The Story of Ragged Robyn:
      Remember you are in Holderness, where a long time ago you misheeded a warning, and told a secret to Starlight in her stall, and two of these died at the hands of your kindred, and such as they carry a stone in their pocket []



misheed (uncountable)

  1. Failure to heed or care; heedlessness.
    • 2014, Snorri Sturleson, Saemund Sigfusson, Saxo Grammaticus, The Viking Anthology:
      And whereas you thought the ring broke in two through some misheed of yours, and blood came from the two pieces, that shows that this husband of yours will be slain, and then you will think you see for the first time clearly all the flaws of that match.