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  • IPA(key): [naːχ]
  • (file)


nach- (separable)

  1. indicates a later action as in nacharbeiten, nachbessern
  2. indicates following or pursuit of someone or something, as in nachgehen, nachfahren
  3. indicates repetition or succession, as in nachfüllen, nachkaufen
    1. to check something nachzählen, nachprüfen
    2. to improve something, as in nachfärben (redye), nachhelfen (give extra help; private lessons)
  4. indicates the exact copying of something as in nachmachen, nachdrucken (reprint), nachahmen, nachbeten
  5. indicates a purposeful action, as in nachdenken, nachforschen

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  1. Alternative form of (negative particle used with the imperative) used before an infixed pronoun

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Takes a connecting vowel a (in the Milan glosses) or i (in the Würzburg glosses) before a consonant-initial infixed pronoun.

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