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Borrowed from Kra-Dai, compare Proto-Kra *ŋuᴮ (whence Baha ŋu¹¹ (to sleep)) and Proto-Hlai *hŋuːɦ (to sleep, to lie down) (whence ŋow²~kaw²~kʰoː²~kɔː² across modern lects).

Some of the conservative Vietic languages (namely, Thavung) use the cognates of the Vietnamese word nằm (to lie) with semantic extension to "to sleep", along with "to lie".



ngủ (, 𥄭, 𥄬, 𪿀)

  1. (intransitive) to sleep
    đi ngủto go to bed/sleep
    ngủ gật/gụcto doze
    ngủ trưato nap at noon
    ngủ nướngto sleep in

Derived termsEdit

Derived terms