See also: nhe, NHE, nhè, and nhẹ

Portuguese edit

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Interjection edit


  1. onomatopoeia of a baby’s cry
  2. a stand-in for petty complaining

Vietnamese edit

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Particle edit


  1. (chiefly Northern Vietnam) alright?; okay?; will you?
    Tiện thể mua dùm tớ hộp sữa nhé !
    While you're at it, buy some milk for me, okay?
    Nhớ nhé ! Đừng có quên đó !
    Commit it to your memory! Don't you forget it!

Usage notes edit

  • In some situations, nhé can be perceived as too cutesy or childish in Southern Vietnamese, so other particles (such as nhá, nha, nhe) might be used instead. In written Vietnamese, however, nhé is commonly used.

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