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no shit (an expression of amazement) + Sherlock (a fictional detective who makes ingenious deductions)

An expression of amazement followed by comparing the interlocutor to the detective Sherlock Holmes, as if they have just made a great deduction. This expression is, however, used sarcastically, to point out that the interlocutor merely stated the obvious.


no shit, Sherlock

  1. (vulgar, colloquial, sarcastic, somewhat derogatory) A riposte to someone who has just said something obvious
    • 1976, Emmett Grogan, Final score, page 264:
      "No shit, Sherlock. Take another look, see how they come to be bent."
    • 2006, Barry Morgan, Never Tell Them You're Dying, page 127:
      My copilot uttered, "I think we are headed for the bridge." No shit, Sherlock.

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