From Middle English ofcutten, of-kitten, equivalent to off- +‎ cut.



offcut (third-person singular simple present offcuts, present participle offcutting, simple past and past participle offcut)

  1. (transitive) To cut off.
    • 1971, Arthur Robert Brown, Optimum packing and depletion:
      Many stockholders operate in a restricted space and it is thus difficult to allocate much room to offcut storage.
    • 2004, Hamady Bocoum, The origins of iron metallurgy in Africa:
      We may observe a tool mark (slice made in hot metal), showing that the smith tried to offcut a small piece of metal 30 mm long and 6 by 7 mm in section, and it is possible, given its size, that it was intended for producing a nail [...]


offcut (plural offcuts)

  1. A piece that has been cut off of a larger piece when not needed; surplus.


offcut (comparative more offcut, superlative most offcut)

  1. Cut off.
  2. Excess; surplus.
    • 1986, Plastics and Rubber Institute, Plastics and rubber international:
      The PPITB's Education Service of the Plastics Industry (ESPI) believes that if there is to be sustained use of plastics in schools, there must be some support by industry to give schools access to offcut or surplus material for project [...]