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oh really

  1. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see oh,‎ really.
    • 2007, Terrye Robins, Revenge in Paradise, page 131,
      "In less than two hours Simon is picking me up, and we're going to Maui for the weekend."
      Oh, really.” The line was silent for a moment. “And just what are his intentions in this romantic getaway?”
  2. (colloquial) An exclamation of surprise or amazement.
    • 2009, Elizabeth Marie Galloway-Evans, Embracing the Gift of Parenthood, page 85,
      Well, one day when she got tired of my seemingly spaced-out replies she let me have it. She responded with, "Oh Mommy, I had a horrible day. First I lost my lunch pail and the teacher wouldn't let me go to the office for help. Then I got upset and jumped off the building." My response was “Oh really, darling, that is wonderful.” She started raising her voice and said “See, I knew you were not listening to me. You don't really want to know how my day was, so why do you even ask me?” That was it. I felt terrible.
  3. (colloquial, sarcastic) Said in response to an obvious statement.
    • 2004, Martin Pegler, Out of Nowhere: A history of the military sniper, 2012, unnumbered page,
      'It's a sniper' shouted the bush.
      Oh really! Did you hear that boys, it's a fucking sniper. What am I? Am I talking in Czechoslovakian or what? I know it's a fuckin' sniper.’


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