ominous +‎ -ly


ominously (comparative more ominously, superlative most ominously)

  1. in an ominous manner; with sinister foreboding.
    • 1868, Wilkie Collins, The Moonstone‎:
      From first to last he was ominously polite, and ominously silent.
    • 1983, Patricia Hagan, Golden Roses:
      His nostrils flared ominously and his fists opened and closed at his sides.
    • 1999, Harish Kapadia, “Accident and Rescue in the Nanda Devi Sanctuary”, in Across Peaks & Passes in Kumaun Himalaya, New Delhi: Indus Publishing Company, →ISBN, page 70:
      However, the next day dawned ominously with an overcast sky and we postponed our start till 8 o'clock.