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orcess (plural orcesses)

  1. a female orc
    • 2012 Shadow Blizzard page 175
      My gaze fell on an orcess. It was the first time I'd seen a woman from the race of the Firstborn. She looked a lot like Miralissa, except that her hair wasn't gathered into a braid, but a long tail. The orcess was armed with two crooked swords
    • 2018 The Phantom Castle: The Way of the Shaman: Book #4 LitRPG series page 64
      Kalatea was an orc-more precisely an orcish madien. Hmm...Or is it orcess? I don't know what the proper term for her was, but the main gist was evident-she was large and green.
    • 2018 The Shadow of the Rogue: The Rogue's Gambit page 69
      "And this is my vassal Mahk the Orcess," I gestured towards my imposing pet. She simply grunted. Orcs hated social formalities.

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