See also: peepot and pee-pot

English edit

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Etymology edit

Childish variant of pisspot.

Noun edit

pee pot (plural pee pots)

  1. (slang, mildly vulgar) A pot used for peeing: a chamber pot.
    • 1946, Elizabeth Metzger Howard, Before the Sun Goes Down, page 31:
      "Jesus Christ! Was my folks refined. My mam she wouldn't think-a lettin' us young'uns call a pee pot a pee pot. A chamber's what she called it... And by God! Us young'uns had ter call the pee pot a chamber or git our God damn necks wrang."
    • 2005, William H. Libaw, Painting in a World Transformed, page 107: is fitting to copy his attitude by calling the big fuss about one of his works a good-sized tempest in a pee pot. Well, not a storm regarding an old-fashioned pee pot, but about a modern one, a urinal he offered to the world as art.
    • 2014, Tim Zeigdel, Weekdays with Roy[1], page 191:
      I have to help him pee or to be more precise I hold his pee pot while he pees while sitting in his chair.

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