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Latin quaestio (inquiry)


quaestio (plural quaestiones)

  1. (law, historical) In ancient Rome, a commission to inquire into a criminal matter given to a citizen (the quaesitor) who then reported to whoever appointed him.



From quaerō. Compare with later quaesītiō.



quaestiō f (genitive quaestiōnis); third declension

  1. seeking
  2. inquiry, investigation, questioning, question
  3. inquisition


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative quaestiō quaestiōnēs
Genitive quaestiōnis quaestiōnum
Dative quaestiōnī quaestiōnibus
Accusative quaestiōnem quaestiōnēs
Ablative quaestiōne quaestiōnibus
Vocative quaestiō quaestiōnēs

Derived termsEdit



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    • systematic, scientific discussion: disputatio, quaestio
    • to propose a subject of debate, put a question: quaestionem ponere, proponere
    • to get a question submitted to one: quaestionem poscere (Fin. 2. 1. 1)
    • at this point the question arises: hoc loco exsistit quaestio, quaeritur
    • it is a difficult point, disputed question: magna quaestio est (followed by an indirect question)
    • to decide, determine a question: quaestionem solvere
    • the question has been settled: quaestio ad exitum venit
    • the standing commissions of inquiry: quaestiones perpetuae (Brut. 27. 106)
    • to examine a person, a matter: quaestionem habere de aliquo, de aliqua re or in aliquem
    • to preside over an inquiry: quaestioni praeesse
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