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From Medieval Latin quantificare (introduced by Sir William Hamilton in logic).

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quantify (third-person singular simple present quantifies, present participle quantifying, simple past and past participle quantified)

  1. To assign a quantity to.
  2. To determine the value of (a variable or expression).
    • 2012 January, Robert M. Pringle, “How to Be Manipulative”, in American Scientist[1], volume 100, number 1, archived from the original on 3 October 2013, page 31:
      As in much of biology, the most satisfying truths in ecology derive from manipulative experimentation. Tinker with nature and quantify how it responds.
  3. (logic) To relate a statement (called a predicate) to a given set using a quantifier—either for all (denoted ) or there exists (denoted ).
    The statement   quantifies over the real numbers.

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