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Etymology 1Edit

The noun derived from the verb or a borrowing from Middle Low German recke, reck, which has also been borrowed into German Reck.


række c (singular definite rækken, plural indefinite rækker)

  1. row, line, rank; things arranged spatially
  2. (mathematics) series
  3. series; succession; sequence; things or events arranged in order of time
  4. (chess) rank
  5. (taxonomy) phylum

Etymology 2Edit

From Old Norse rekja (to unroll), from Proto-Germanic *rakjaną, cognate with German recken (to stretch). The Danish verb is also influenced by the unrelated verb Middle Low German rēken (to reach, suffice), German reichen, from Proto-Germanic *raikijaną (to reach).


række (imperative ræk, infinitive at række, present tense rækker, past tense rakte, perfect tense har rakt)

  1. to hand, pass
  2. to reach
  3. to carry
  4. to be enough, suffice
Derived termsEdit