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ragdoll (plural ragdolls)

  1. A modern American breed of domestic cat that relaxes completely when picked up.
  2. (computer graphics, video games) A model consisting of a set of connected rigid bodies that can collapse in a loose, natural manner.
    • 2007, Ian Millington, Game physics engine development (page 401)
      In this chapter I'll give you a taste of some of the most popular applications for physics: ragdolls, breakable objects, and movie-style explosions.
    • 2008, Steve Swink, Game Feel: A Game Designer's Guide to Virtual Sensation (page 333)
      It is, in itself, a beautiful little game, but what it really indicates is a new way to create game controls: by simulating muscles rather than arbitrary forces. The rig in Ski Stunt Simulator is a controlled, active ragdoll.


ragdoll (third-person singular simple present ragdolls, present participle ragdolling, simple past and past participle ragdolled)

  1. (skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing) To be flung about, such that a person has an appearance like that of a rag doll that is flung about.

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