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ragga (uncountable)

  1. (music) a subgenre of reggae that incorporates hip hop, rhythm and blues and sampling; dancehall

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Definitions 1-3 originate from ragg (fur, bristles). Definitions 4-5 are associated with a 1950s subculture of raggare. Swedish Wikipedia mentions that ragga is trucker slang (åkarslang), but doesn't cite any source.


ragga (present raggar, preterite raggade, supine raggat, imperative ragga)

  1. (dialect, Småland: gå å ragga) to go around untidy, uncombed, hair hanging down[1]
  2. (reflexive, dialect, Hälsingland: ragga sej) to regret[2]
  3. (ragga till) to bristle[3]
  4. to search, look for, hit on, pick up (women, in cars)[4]
  5. to search, look for, recruit (sponsors, supporters, new members)
    • 2009, Sydöstran (newspaper), December 2
      BTH raggar studenter i Lettland och Litauen
      Blekinge Institute of Technology recruits students in Latvia and Lithuania



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