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raw material (countable and uncountable, plural raw materials)

  1. A material in its unprocessed, natural state considered usable for manufacture.
    Petroleum is the raw material refined into various fuels and needed for countless chemicals.
    • 1962 October, “Talking of Trains: New yard at Scunthorpe”, in Modern Railways, page 221:
      The three main firms [] are increasing their output capacity and it is estimated that by 1964-5 railborne traffic will be about a third greater than the 1960 figure, reaching a total of something like 13½ million tons per annum, of which some 70 per cent will be inwards raw materials for these firms.
  2. (figuratively) Any physical product serving as input to a factory or other installation which processes it.
    The assembly plant's raw materials are finished parts from Asian suppliers.


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