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From Middle English raw, rau, from Old English hrēaw (raw, uncooked), from Proto-Germanic *hrawaz, *hrēwaz (raw), from Proto-Indo-European *krewh₂- (raw meat, fresh blood). Cognate with Scots raw (raw), Dutch rauw (raw), German roh (raw), Swedish (raw), Icelandic hrár (raw), Latin crūdus (raw, bloody, uncooked), Irish cró (blood), Lithuanian kraujas (blood), Russian кровь (krovʹ, blood). Related also to Old English hrēow, hrēoh (rough, fierce, wild, angry, disturbed, troubled, sad, stormy, tempestuous). More at ree.


Rhymes: -ɔː


Raw (uncooked) sausages

raw (comparative rawer, superlative rawest)

  1. Of food: not cooked. [from 9th c.]
  2. Not treated or processed (of materials, products etc.); in a natural state, unrefined, unprocessed. [from 10th c.]
    raw cane sugar
    raw sewage
  3. Having had the skin removed or abraded; chafed, tender; exposed, lacerated. [from 14th c.]
    • 1963, Margery Allingham, chapter 7, in The China Governess[1]:
      ‘Children crawled over each other like little grey worms in the gutters,’ he said. ‘The only red things about them were their buttocks and they were raw. Their faces looked as if snails had slimed on them and their mothers were like great sick beasts whose byres had never been cleared. […]’
    a raw wound
  4. New or inexperienced. [from 16th c.]
    a raw beginner
  5. Crude in quality; rough, uneven, unsophisticated. [from 16th c.]
    a raw voice
  6. Of data, statistics etc: uncorrected, without analysis. [from 20th c.]
    • 2010, "Under the volcano", The Economist, 16 Oct 2010:
      What makes Mexico worrying is not just the raw numbers but the power of the cartels over society.
  7. Of weather: unpleasantly damp or cold.
    a raw wind
    • Shakespeare
      a raw and gusty day
  8. (obsolete) Not covered; bare; bald.
    • Spenser
      with scull all raw


Derived termsEdit


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  1. (slang) Without a condom.
    We did it raw.




raw (plural raws)

  1. (sugar refining, sugar trade) An unprocessed sugar; a batch of such.
    • 1800, Louisiana Sugar Planters' Association, Lousiana Sugar Chemists' Association, American Cane Growers' Association, The Louisiana Planter and Sugar Manufacturer, Volume 22, page 287,
      With the recent advance in London yellow crystals, however, the disproportion of the relative value of these two kinds has been considerably reduced, and a better demand for crystallized raws should consequently occur.
    • 1921, American Chemical Society, The Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Volume 13, Part 1, page 149,
      Early in the year the raws were melted to about 20 Brix in order to facilitate filtration.
    • 1939, The Commercial and Financial Chronicle, Volume 148, Part 2, page 2924,
      The world sugar contract closed 1 to 3 points net higher, with sales of only 36 lots. London raws sold at 8s. 4½d., and futures there were unchanged to 3d. higher.
  2. (anime fandom slang) A recording or rip of a show that has not been fansubbed.
  3. (manga fandom slang) A scan that has not been cleaned (polished or purged of blemishes arising from the scanning process) and has not been scanlated.






  1. Soft mutation of rhaw.