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red carpet ‎(plural red carpets)

  1. A strip of red carpet that is laid for a VIP to walk on.
    • 2012, Simon Packham, The Bex Factor
      I've been gunged on children's TV, hung out with some actors off that soap Dad used to watch, done a photoshoot for a major highstreet fashion outlet and now here we are on the red carpet, outside the cinema in Leicester Square []
    • 2015 February 23, “Oscars 2015: 10 things we learned”, in The Guardian (London)[1]:
      This time, the actor was in uncomfortably touchy-feely form. First he sidled up behind Scarlett Johansson as she posed on the red carpet, kissed her, and slid his hand around her waist.
  2. (figuratively) VIP treatment.


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