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From Middle English redisch; equivalent to red +‎ -ish.

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reddish (comparative more reddish, superlative most reddish)

  1. Somewhat red.
    • 1943 March and April, “G.W.R. Rolling Stock Colours”, in Railway Magazine, page 106:
      "Chocolate and cream," the standard colours of G.W.R. rolling stock for 21 years, are now being replaced by an all-over utility coating of reddish-brown. This is the third time that a uniform brown has been adopted as the standard livery of G.W.R. carriages.
    • 1948 September and October, W. S. Darby, “The Gold Coast Railway—1”, in Railway Magazine, page 287:
      Although the track is ballasted, it does not prevent clouds of reddish dust from the laterite soil blowing about when the train is in motion; after a journey with the windows open a bath is a necessity!

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